How to make leather designs

Leather craft ideas that will get you going in no time at all. Make your own pattern design templates that you can use over and over and mix and match in any way you would like. Thanks for watching you are welcome to subscribe to my Bruce Cheaney YouTube Channel Barry King swivel knives Craftool […] Read More

Weaver Leather Supply Review

Today, I just got in a couple of boxes of leather supplies from Weaver Leather and I would like to share with you what it looks like when I un-box a order from Weaver Leather Supply. In the small box I had the following items; 1. Floral SS Conchos with wood screw. 2. 12 pack […] Read More

2017 Leather Carving by Bruce Cheaney Leather Craft Ideas

2017 Leather Carving. Vegetable tanned leather, paper pattern, leather tooling and carving tools made by King, Watts, Craftool and Maul Master. Barry King Swivel Knife 1/2" Barrel Duane Watts Swivel Knife 1/2" barrel Craftool B801, B802 and B803 Maul Master Leather Mauls both sizes. Thanks for watching and you are welcome to subscribe to my […] Read More

Craftool Pro Stamps Review Plus Leather Stamping Tutorial

Craftool Pro Stamps Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Leather Crafter Craftool pro stamps steep bevelers number B2044 Craftool Pro B2045 are the leather stamping tools that I am reviewing in this leather stamping tutorial. I have a 4 x 4 inch piece of vegetable tanned saddle skirting that has been wet and cased and […] Read More

Craftool A888 leather stamping tool for background

Craftool A888 Article and YouTube Video by Bruce Cheaney Handmade in Gainesville Texas USA One of my favorite Craftool leather tools for stamping the background on my tooled and carved leather. In this leather tooling tutorial I show you how I put a matte finish in the background portion of my leather tooling and carving. […] Read More

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