Leather Tooling with tools for leather craft

Article and Leathercraft Videos by Bruce Cheaney

Tooling the rear housing for a cutting horse saddle the pattern is oak leaf and acorn. Here Bruce shows how to do the background work.

Leather tools used are craftool bevelers and craftool background tool and a pear shaped bruser plus a craftool like a v412.

Carving Leather by Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddlemaker Part 1

Carving leather with a swivel knife. Here is an impromptu clip of Bruce warming up before he carves and tools the rear housing and skirts of a custom saddle he is making.

Bruce also has some words of encouragement for beginners are anyone wanting to get started with tooling and carving leather.

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Carving Leather with Swivel Knife part 2

Bruce also has some words of encouragement for beginners or anyone wanting to get started with tooling and carving leather.

Carving Leather by Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddlemaker Part 3

Leather Carving – How to use a swivel knife.

Instructional videos on Saddle Making and Leather Craft as well as Bit and Spur Making… http://www.ProSaddles.com

Tooling and Carving Leather

Bruce shows you how to cut in the design on saddle skirts for a custom made saddle he is making.
First he transfers the design from the paper pattern that he has sketched to the moist Hermann Oak saddle skirting.
Next the design is cut into the leather with a Barry King swivel tool,once the design is cut in on the one side it is then placed on the opposite side and the design is tapped off onto the saddle skirt.
With a few simple leather tools you can create unique designs.
The tools used here are the three craftool bevelers a small pear shaped brusier a veiner and a 888 craftool background tool pus the brass swivel tool.

Leather craft – How to basket stamp designs

Tips and techniques used for basket stamping saddle skirting by Bruce Cheaney Gainesville Texas
The square basket stamp tool is actually called a block stamp it is available from Weaver Leather, Mt. Hope Ohio, The dot I used in the center of the block stamp is a craftool number S632 and the rope edge tool is marked KYOSHIN ELLE R 956 this must be a imported tool I have had it a long time and don’t recall where I got it. The birds eye border tool is one that has been passed down through the family it is around a 100 years old.
The leather maul I am using here is a Maul Master II also from Weaver Leather, it is a 2lb. maul.

Hand carved and tooled leather saddle by Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddles

This custom saddle was made using the best materials that can be purchased like Hermann Oak Leather and a Quality saddle tree. The conchos are handmade and hand engraved by myself. The floral pattern is one of a kind pencil drawn and then transferred to the cased and damp leather then cut in with a swivel knife then beveled and back grounded using select craftools and various other leathercraft tools.

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