Tandy Leather Safety Beveler is the best hand skife on the market. This leather skiving tool was purchased from Tandy Leather in Fort Worth Texas it is my favorite leather skiver and I use it all the time for my leathercraft and leather working projects and also for shaving the groundwork in my custom made [...]

Article by Bruce Cheaney Leather sewing machines and harness stitchers for leathercraft and leather working. This is a resource page for sewing machines that can sew thick and thin leather and be trouble free and work for you for many years by providing reliable service. A leather sewing machine is a big investment and it [...]

Article and Leathercraft Videos by Bruce Cheaney Tooling the rear housing for a cutting horse saddle the pattern is oak leaf and acorn. Here I show you how to do the background work. Leather tools used are Craftool bevelers and Craftool background tool and a pear shader plus a Craftool v412. Carving Leather by Bruce [...]