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Craftool A888 leather stamping tool for background

Leather tooling and carving by Bruce Cheaney

Craftool A888 Article and YouTube Video by Bruce Cheaney
Handmade in Gainesville Texas USA

One of my favorite Craftool leather tools for stamping the background on my tooled and carved leather. In this leather tooling tutorial I show you how I put a matte finish in the background portion of my leather tooling and carving. The leather stamping tool I am using is a Craftool A888 a small leather tool but it is very effective in making a crisp and clean background for my leather tooling.

You will see in the leather tooling tutorial that I can get up in tight corners with the sharp end of the Craftool A888 and easily background around the beveled portion of the tooling also. I like and use a Maul Master II leather maul because it is very comfortable in my hand and the rubber covered handle provides a good grip. You can get a Maul Master II from Weaver Leather Supply.

Craftool A888 used for doing the background work on this leather piece.

Craftool A888 Leather tooling and carving by Bruce Cheaney

Craftool A888 Leather tooling and carving by Bruce Cheaney

To find Craftool leather stamping tools like I use check out Tandy Leather

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You can hand select just a few leather tools like the ones I use and do some really nice tooling and carving with just a little bit of practice.

Leather tools used to tool the piece in the picture above are Craftool B802 and B803 bevelers, Craftool A888, Maul Master II leather stamping maul, and a Barry King swivel knife.

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