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Handmade leather wallet in the making Made in USA

Handmade leather wallet in the making Made in USA

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Gainesville, Texas USA.

In the last wallet making video I showed you how to sew this leather wallet on a leather sewing machine and now I continue to make my handmade wallet by trimming the excess off of the bottom side. I am using a craftsman trimming knife and there are several places you can purchase a leather knife like this and I will list the contact information down below.

A leather knife like this is very handy for leathercraft and leather working some of the features are the brass blade keeper and a walnut handle and you can easily change the blades. I find that the curved blades have more cutting power and more effective than the straight blades.

When you are trimming the excess off hold you blade as straight as you can so the piece will not be angled or undercut. The curved blades in the craftsman trim knife are fairly easy to sharpen and I recommend you use a medium to fine sharpening stone so the blade will last longer.

The edger I am using is size number one and is a tight corner edger that I got from the Weaver Leather Company and another good source for edgers is Barry King Leather Tools. Leather wallets like this a fairly simple to make.

The next step is to wet the card pouches so I can shape and form them and wet the edges of the wallet so I can hand rub the edges to make them slick and finished. Final step to making and finishing the wallet is to put a coat of Fiebing’s Tan-Kote on to give the leather a protective finish.

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Handmade leather wallet in the making Made in USA

Handmade leather wallet in the making Made in USA

Leather tools knives and edgers can be found at the following suppliers.

Weaver Leather Supply

Part number for the edger I used is 00080 size 1 (3/64″)

Part number for the Craftsman Trimming Knife is 65-2976 and a package of twelve curved replacement blades part number 65-2977

Tandy Leather
The leather knife similar to the one I use is called a Industrial Knife Set Part number 3595-00 and a pack of #9 (three replacement blades) part number 3506-09
Tandy Leather is a great place to buy thin leather for making your leather wallets.

Barry King Tools
Quality Leather Tools

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