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Leather and Patterns for Making Wallets

Leather wallet making tutorial

Article and video by Bruce Cheaney Gainesville Texas USA.

Leather supply review patterns for making handmade leather wallets.

Wallet making leather vegetable tanned Tandy Leather. Leather wallet patterns that I designed and use for making handmade wallets. Oak-Leaf double shoulders numbers 9048-12 run 4 to 5 ounce and number 9050-12 runs 6 to 7 ounce in weight both of these double shoulders will be a great starting place for you to use for making your leather wallets. The side of vegetable tanned leather you see in the video that was on the bottom is Oak-Leaf side number 9157-56 (6-7 ounce) which is another very good choice for a slightly heavier wallet.

More leather wallet making tutorials

Sewing leather wallet
Handmade leather wallet in the making Made in USA

To order leather like I reviewed in the YouTube video here is the contact information to two Tandy Leather Stores that I order from.

Tandy Leather manager Anthony Porter, Watauga, Texas. Phone number 1-817-503-2318 or 1-866-322-8965

Tandy Leather, Fort Worth Texas Tandy Store Phone Number 1-800-433-3201 or 1-817-872-3210

or order from Tandy Leather Online

Leather wallet making tutorial

Leather wallet making tutorial

Making leather wallets can be fun and a great way to get started with leathercraft and leather working with just a few good leather tools and materials. Have fun with your craft!

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