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Leather Supplies

leather supplies

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

Leather Supplies for leather working and leathercraft you need a good leather knife to cut the leather and good tools to edge and hand sew the leather and you can find everything you need to get started with leather working at Beiler’s Manufacturing and Supply.

Once you call or write and order your catalog and when you receive it you will be able to study the pictures of the leather working tools, leather, and leather machinery and get familiar the items and their uses.

Beiler’s has the leather knife I really like and use all the time on page 71 and it is called No. 3595 Master Craftsman Knife Set and the replacement blades are called “Razor Edge” Cutting Blades part number 3596-09 Three blade pack.

leather supplies

Leather Supplies

C.S. Osborne saddlers awl number 4 size 1 is 4 1/2″ (part number 00780) and size 4 measures 7 1/2″ (part number 00783) these awls can be used as a scratch awl or for saddle making.

C.S. Osborne awl haft no. 145 one of my favorite hand sewing awl hafts (part number 00787) You will need either harness awls or saddlers stitching awls you may want to order a couple of each until you find the size that works best for you.Here are a couple numbers to start with Harness Awl #44 a 2″ awl (part number 00793) and a Saddlers Stitching Awl #54 a 2″ awl (part number 00801)

Leather Supplies Contact Information for Beiler’s

Beiler’s Manufacturing and Supply
Office and Warehouse
3025 Harvest Drive
Ronks, PA.
Phone Number (717) 768-0174
Fax Number (717) 768-0097
Ask for Wholesale Hardware and Tack Supply Catalog no. 11

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